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Well, my home will take about 7 months, though met with the supervisor for the development, and with the winter weather, we may be looking at most 10 months..depending on the season.

THAT said, I won't have much time after I start the Academy/Job so I rented a garage at my current apartment community.

Here's a list of what should be addressed.. I'll keep this thread updated with photos and progress..cause I'm sure I'll add mods, or something neat! Most of this is basic touch up stuff..

Side Emblems
Lower side plastic molding
chrome antenna mount
Chrome headlight assembly
pin stripe on driver side
new rotors/brakes
speakers front and back
stereo (factory perfer'd)
Power door/window switch (orig fine, lettering wearing off a little)
Overhead light cover
Tailgate access pannel (slight rust developing on drivers side)
fuel pump
new battery (unsure how old one is)
A/C needs service
Factory seats re-done. Perfectly fine, but two tone cloth to match paint
replace lock for center console (orig. key missing)
HID kit for headlights
New motor (reciving one in Craig, CO)
Tranny Flush
Auto hubs switched out to Manual hubs
Possible Lift with 35's on factory wheels (if Offroad setup is decided)
Winch mounted underside near rear tow hitch (if Offroad setup is decided)
Hitch mounted on front with winch as well to protect from damage to bumper (if Offroad setup is decided)
Step bars, tubes (black)

If anyone has some other ideas they want to add to the list, let me know..or suggestions..

Hopefully I wont get any hate on this thread too from the special people :doh0715:
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