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I've moved and the new shop build is about a year out, so thinking of dumping this off and starting fresh one day.... Maybe.
The original build is "Dawgfans coil over SAS"
It's been wheeled, beat on, torn completely down, and rebuild began. Then I guess I just lost interest, or time, or both....
I drove it into garage 2 years ago, tore out suspension and disassembled front end, narrowed front 10" per side, and changed up my front suspension completely. Went from solid radius arms to hinged style and the flex difference is not even compatible!! Also trashed steering for full hydraulic, trussed axle, moved axle forward about 6-8", and shaved lower x-member to give it a low profile under engine support. My goal was move flex, LCOG, and bullet proof steering. It now sits about as high 4" lifted bronco, maybe lower.
D60 KP, 5.13, Lockrite, ballistic high steer, trussed, 2.5"x8" stroke double ended ram, etc...
14bolt, 5.13, welded (right), disc brakes

FOA 16"x2.5" dual rate C/O
Rear is springs/shackle flip (have 4" and 6" springs also)
Radius arms have ballistic 2.63", and 3" Heims, also have spare heims, I serts, jam nuts, etc... For the rear 4 link I was planning.
ZF-5, HD clutch, 3" exhaust with headers, 3G upgrade, Mastercraft Baja style seats, bed lined interior, CB radio, 38" Claws, spare set of never used 16x10 beadlocks, extra rebuilt NP205, and plenty more I'm forgetting.

This was a perfect running/driving rig with perfect AC system and nice interior when I parked it in garage 2 years ago. It won't take a lot to finish, I just have too many projects. Looking to trade for golf cart for the kids, fishing boat, pontoon, or anything interesting. Just looking to get rid of a project for something I enjoy more with the kids. Open to what ever really, tractor, hot rod, classic, just ask. I have 10 years worth of spare parts, so don't even know where to begin, u really just need to come see if interested. I'll post some pics, and get some more this week.

Left to do:
Buy/install steering valve(orbital) and related lines. Assemble various vacuum/AC lines, radiator, and finish weld a few areas on suspension, the mock up is done. Reinstall drive shafts, front may need to be extended, it will be close.
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