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Project rockwell.

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Just a quick update i guess on my 79 Bronco Rockwell project.

The axles i had planned to pick up locally where junked completely shot and not worth rebuilding. So i checked around a bit and i have found a few wrecked 6x6 trucks around that i could get the axles off of rather cheaply, probably around $500-$1000 for a decent set. Or i could go down to the local government auctions yard and pick up a 5 ton or 2 1/2 ton 6x6 for around $3000-$4500 complete and running with winches.

Here is my debate should i go through all the work of putting a couple axles under my bronco and making steering, driveshafts, and suspension or just put the bronco body on the frame of the military truck. I would of course take off the 3rd axle and shorten it all up. but with some adaption i would have a good running 5 speed Multi-fuel 2 1/2 ton 79 Bronco. I would of course still register and keep my insurance the same since i would still keep my Bronco VIN. I could then run surplus military tires 40-52" tall or whatever i felt like as well. The mechanical challenge i think would be great, but wanted to see what everyone thought about it.

I have the build all mapped out and drawn up if anyone has any questions, but i am mainly looking for opinions. I am going nuts not having my 4x4 running, so I am going to be pushing this project pretty hard now.
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that sounds like an awesome project. BKO body on the military frame. i say go for it. that would be on hell of a project and write up, and alot of pics.
Would think rig would be uber heavy with military chassis.
Sorry muddog he only put rockwells under his bronco quite a bit different than what i am debating here. and he never really gives much information on his build up anyway.

I have considered the weight problem and i don't think it will be too bad. Since i will be dropping the rear axle and quite a few feet of frame that takes off about 750 lbs for the axle and 300 lbs for the frame. basically in the end the heaviest parts are gonna be the engine, tranny, transfer case and axles but after losing over 1000 lbs the multifuel engine should have no troubles at all.

this is an example of one that has already been shortened

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roach57 said:
this is an example of one that has already been shortened
LOL!! So it'll only be 10K lbs instead of 14K??? Still seems like a cool project, but I think the bronc chassis on militaries will wheel better (rocks or mud)..........
I don't think that is the best option. your better off spending the money on the axles and then putting them under your bronco. if you put the bronco body on the 6x6, it is going to be slower than death.
that is a heck of a build he did edson. mainly i don't want to go through all the hassle of building the suspension, drivetrain, and steering when i can use something that has worked well in countries all over the world for 40 some years.

A stock 6x6 can easily do 55 in high range, you add some front locking hubs, some bigger tires to balance out the gear ratio, lose a few thousand pounds when getting rid of cargo bed and rear axle i expect to be able to at least reach 65.

A lot will depend if i decide to go with the 2 1/2 ton or the 5 ton The 2 1/2 ton truck has a continental multi-fuel engine that is 478 cubic in. only 170 hp but has 440 ft' lb torque at 1800 rpm. The 5 ton run a continental 602 cubic in. and the 2 1/2 ton has 6.72 axle ratio the 5 ton came in a few different ratios.

Great to hear everyones opinion though .
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