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They are about 70-80 bucks.
Warns have went up in price, the cheapest place for warn premium hubs is Jeffs bronco graveyard.

They are $93 shipped. like 86 or so before shipping.

OK, story time.

For the longest time my auto hubs were working. I could get one of them to click when i turned the drive shaft. At a buddy's property I got all four tires to spin in the mud. Anyway It was raining and I was out riding around on dirt roads. I figured I'd give this clay road a run. It had a slight hill to it, but it was so little you could barely tell. Anyway I got almost to the top of the road and notice my front hubs were not locking and just the back tires were spinning. I figured I'd just back down the muddy road. Well it had a very slight grade to it for the water to run off. As i backed up I kept sliding down toward the ditch. I gave up after sitting right on the edge of ditch just spinning in the clay mud.

Had to give ogeechee4x4 a call to come and pull me off a public dirt road, that was maintained by the city. Pretty sad indeed. Oh before ogeechee got there a guy from work stopped and wanted to pull me out. So in the end i got pulled out by a pretty nice extended cab k1500.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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