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Puerco trip this sunday?

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so what time and where did everyone want to meet for the trip to the puerco this sunday?
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Yeah, I am in. Never been wheelin in the puerco where do we meet?
i dont know what they had planned, but i was thinking the southside of the walmart parking lot around 10?
Were meeting at the puerco @ 10 in the morning
the puerco is a big place.... do you guys not want to meet somewhere and head up there together? that wal mart is right on the corner, i figure we could train up from there
Ill talk to my dad about it and let you know. Im hopeing my bronco will make it out to the puerco this time last time it died about 2 miles from it lol
the puerco is a big place.... do you guys not want to meet somewhere and head up there together? that wal mart is right on the corner, i figure we could train up from there
I live in the far NE heights which Wal-Mart are you talking about? Sorry I am not to familiar with the west side.
I made flyers that say 10 at the puerco. so just meet at the base where all the trucks park to unload the dirt bikes. Ill try to park right off southern as it ends IF you gat a cb Me and my dad will be on channel 13. My dads handle is rattlesnake and mine is pretzel. You can also call me at 505-449-8773 if you dont fine us
oh and the wal mart is on southern and unser
Thanks, So I am still not familiar with the Puerco where am I going? Is the base off of I-25 by 98th?
the end of southern in rio rancho, when you get to southern and unser, go west on southern
I-40 west to I-25. go north on I-25 to Paseo del norte. West on Paseo del norte to golf course. North on golf course to southern. West on southern all the way out till you hit dirt. Does that sound right erik?
Floorit, that sounds just right. Basically once you get to Southern BLVD, you take it West for a few miles, it will keep going and eventually turn into a dirt road. Then take it another few miles and you will come to a sort of "end of the road" at the base of a small hill. There will probably be a few trailers and bikes around, so you'll know when you found it based on all of the people around...

If you wanted to check it out, just go to google maps, and search Southern BLVD in Rio Rancho, and follow that road west until it ends at that hill...
Look forward to seeing you all there.
that was a damn good time fellas.... i would have been a little more brave if there wasnt the extra cargo in my truck.

everyone did an awesome job, and thanks for the spotting, saved my butt a couple times!

we need to get a local truck of the month, i think adam is a good candidate
pictures are up in the other forum, but i will put them here too..... theres more i am going to sort through with gabe, but heres a start at lease

This is our Challenge...

Erik and Christopher Show Us How It's Done

Everyone Watches Hoping For a Fail

Erik Makes it With Ease...

So the Other Guys Want to play and also succeed

This is just too easy

Hiding in the rocks

Another Challenge Defeated by Erik

Hmmmm Whats Next?

I Can Climb Rocks Too!

And I Also!

Thinking of what to triumph over next!

What is he planning to do?

Got Down It Easily!

3 Offroad Beauties!

The Beast!
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Awesome pics!

The pictures look awesome! Had a great time today, we can't wait to do it again!! The sooner the better!!!!
Adam & Alice
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