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i have a 95 bronco with a 351w.

I started having a problem with my idle. I ran the codes and it came up with 411 ,something to do witht the rpmon the engine running test. I also got a 33 & 32 code for the egr with the koeo test.

I checked for any vacuum leaks, nothing.
I then checked the iac. I did a search and something about how to test it. With the engine running pull the connector and if the engine still runs then it bad. Well that is what mine did.

I was going to check the evp but i am a dum ass i guess. I went to this site
and it talks about the voltage. I don't understand how to get the voltage from the evp.

I wil check the evr tomorrow.

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I also get code 32 on both of my 5.0 Mustangs, it's the only code they pull. Oddly enough it doesn't seem to affect performance or fuel mileage.

Ask the question over at, there are some EGR guru's over there that could answer your question and tell you everything you need to know to repair the problem.

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NDIXIE said:
if i pull the connector of the iac while the engine is running should not the engine change it's idle?
If no one has messed with the throttle set screw, there are no vaccume leaks, the TPS is reading the correct voltage and the butterfly is closing all the way against the set screw.
Then if you remove the plug the idle should drop to around 500rpm +/-.

32 = EVP circuit below minimum voltage of 0.24 volts.
This is saying the EVP has given a signal not possible from a properly functioning unit. You either have a bad EVP or bad wiring.
Back probe the VREF wire to check it.

33 = EGR valve opening not detected.
The EVP cant detect opening if it is broke

Check the voltage on the TPS.
Back probe the VREF wire with the key in the on position.
Check it for a smooth glimb and the correct closed voltage.

I just remembered your truck is a 95.

Only 3 digit codes are possable from a 95, so my explanations of 33 and 32 are not aplicable to your truck.

Redo the test.
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