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Put my 88 Bronco up on a jack and it runs horribly now.

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Hi all of FSB forum,
I replaced my fuel filter the other day on my 1988 XLT with the 5.0 and the E4OD manual. In order to get better access to it, I jacked the car up on a stand. It wasn't excessively high, but it was uneven from side to side. I ran the car for a minute or two total while it was up. When I brought it back down I noticed what I believe to be squeaky belts. We used spray grease and they went away for a few minutes before coming back. I took it for a test drive, and after a few miles I noticed that I could hear at least three distinct knocks in the engine bay. I have one rod knock usually that comes out around 2000rpm, but its not too bad. These sounds were terrible. It sounds like gunfire now, with a background of screeching. How could this have happened??

I stitched together a quick video showcasing the sounds. The first clip is how it ran before, the rest are after.
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I’d remove the belt too just as a Hail Mary. But that sounds like whatever knock you were living with before decided it’s had enough. It’s possible the timing is just coincidental with you putting it on the jack.
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