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Put my 88 Bronco up on a jack and it runs horribly now.

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Hi all of FSB forum,
I replaced my fuel filter the other day on my 1988 XLT with the 5.0 and the E4OD manual. In order to get better access to it, I jacked the car up on a stand. It wasn't excessively high, but it was uneven from side to side. I ran the car for a minute or two total while it was up. When I brought it back down I noticed what I believe to be squeaky belts. We used spray grease and they went away for a few minutes before coming back. I took it for a test drive, and after a few miles I noticed that I could hear at least three distinct knocks in the engine bay. I have one rod knock usually that comes out around 2000rpm, but its not too bad. These sounds were terrible. It sounds like gunfire now, with a background of screeching. How could this have happened??

I stitched together a quick video showcasing the sounds. The first clip is how it ran before, the rest are after.
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Check for a busted motor mount. If you jacked up the truck at a weird angle and the motor mount was toast, the whole works might have shifted and something is banging.
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