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Stomper4x4 said:
Honestly, I paid $2900 for my 89, with 120k on it, in great shape. No rust, runs pretty good etc. No mods done. Interior perfect other than drivers seat. I think you have room to negotiate that price down.

I just bought mine off e-bay (was in the local area so I went and saw it first). 1988 Eddie Bauer with the 302. Inside is immaculate. Some peeling paint with surface rust (no deep rust spots I could find) and one slightly manged fender. Ran great, shifted smooth, and no problem shifting into 4h on the fly. $1800. Only down side is 190k mileage. You can't tell by the way it runs though. Can't wait to pick it up (just hit buy-it-now it an hour ago).
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