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Questions about 1 ton swap

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I already have the 10.25 for the rear. I believe its out of a '91 so i know its short pinion. What all do i need to convert to long pinion?

I plan to run aprox 9" of lift. I'm planning to go with a 6" lift spring and a shackle flip. Will i need to run a shim block for pinion angle?

I plan on Cage Radius arms for the D60. Any advice for these? They have those weld on brackets...How do i know where to weld them on?

With the 9" lift and the one ton axles what will be the strongest option for drive shafts?
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1) I have'nt messed with a pre 93 sterling that much so I cant say. I would think the parts for a long pinion axle would swap over though.
2) Most likely you will need something to correct you're pinion angle. Wether it be adding shims or reclocking you're spring perches its up to you.
3) Cage will have specs and dimensions for mounting.
4) Custom shafts with 1410 ujoints.
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