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some time this week im replacing the transmission pan gasket so i can go drive when i got it the previous owners said they dident really use the 4x4 at all i want to go test it out im replacing the transfer case oil also should there be any thing i should be worried about

p.s its an 86

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1. "Fullsize" is not spelled "fullsise" as it is so stated in your Bronco Info.

2. Buy a chilton's guide or a Haynes's manual for your truck. All the information you asked for is contained in these, including transmission oil requirements and step by step instructions, with pictures on how to change both your transmission oil and your transfer case oil.

3. this isn't myspace, pictures posted like that will not show.

4. Don't get upset with the people ripping you for punctuation, this is seriously a very hard post to read and understand.

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i will do that to day i have hardly any education on cars so that would help im only 16
Chris bud ole pal, I just noticed where you live. You can not tell me the Brentwood schools have crappy English departments. I would have killed to have gotten my 2 kids in those schools!

Anyways, congrats on your Bronc---but get the manual and maybe a basic 200 piece Craftsman tool kit to get you started. Let me know if I can help you with anything sub-extensive down the road.................:smokin:
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