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RABS Sensor Replacement

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I know this is an easy thing but there is always some poeple who aren't as skilled as most of us. Ok first where is it at? Located on the rear differential (pumpkin)

Heres another shot with the rear off the truck-

Now it's best to have a wire brush and screwdriver to loosen any dirt mud gunk around sensor so it doesn't contaminate the oil when you remove it. It also helps to have compressed air as I did but not necessary. Clean as good as possible then remove the bolt and wire harness and gently pry with flat head enough to lift past the o-ring being careful not to push screwdriver to far in and damage o-ring.

Next pull sensor out of hole and examine. if it looks like this-

then it needs cleaned off. (this could cause an RABS light on the dash to illuminate) I used throttle body cleaner then dried with rag lubed oring with silicone (any grease or oil should do) this keeps the o-ring from cracking and makes install easier.

When your done cleaning it should look like this-
Notice the small metal tooth-that is what picks up the speed signal. It is a magnet.
Now just push it back into hole and tighten bolt (snuggly). Attach the harness and your done- go grab a cold one!:beer - bob
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If it's covered with metal shavings, you need to change your oil/bearings/gears/axleshafts. :shrug Something is tearing them up! Bust the back cover open & see what's up.
:doh0715: I guess that could be added. The one I used for the pick came out of the JY diff. The clean on is out of mine so that didn't cross my mind.

That's Steve- :beer
Does anyone still have the pic's of cleaning the RABS
Does anyone still have the pic's of cleaning the RABS
:shocked he searched :chili:
just spray it with some brake cleaner or whatever you got and wipe it off just like the magnetic drain plugs in oil pans:thumbup

the real bitch is when you break most of one off in the axle and have to pull the carrier to get it out:brownbag:
Click my black Bronco in my sig & look thru the 8.8" Axle album. :deal As he says: there's really nothing to it. :shrug
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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