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94 351w E4OD all stock.

:barf I was driving one day, and coolant started spewing from the water pump area... Soo I got home, checked the level and I was completly out of coolant. Refilled with water (with the engine off) and watched it drip out of the water pump... Sooooooo, I decided it was time for a new water pump. I was just about to start taking things off and my friend, helping me, noticed something odd about the radiator fan. there were 3 bolts missing that were supposed to be holding it on.

I have searched for about 6 hours looking for the size of those bolts, I think it is 5/16 fine thread but anyone with a definate answer would be appreciated. Also, would that kind of stress on the water pump be the cause of the leak? And does anyone else think that it would lead to other more serious damages other than the water pump? The fan has not been damaged so far but I know it was rubbing on something for about 5 minutes...

Suspected cause of missing bolts is recent work done by, of all people, the dealership...

Any help would be great.
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