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Some theiving little"***-guzzleing gutter slug" stole my tools out of the back of the bronco this weekend.......... Went out to help a bud w/ his truck and found two bolts sticking up outta the floor that used to hold my tool box down!!! I hope the little F*cksticks got hernia toting that thing off...At least they bled...musta cut their hands rippin it out.......
Ok, I'm done now....Take care---Fog
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Bro that sucks..I hope they find the f**kers. You reported it to the cops right?? Man, there are truly some gutless turds out there to rip off a guys tools..Since I have been contemplating a soft top, I have been trying to come up with a solution to the possibility of someone stealing my shiz, the best way I can see is welding and bolting to the floor and then using a big f**king lock.
Sorry dude! That sucks! Messing with a man's tools is just wrong!

I hope your thiefs get hepatitis and rot to death. OR someone beats them to death with a floppy 3/8 rachet and a 5lb hammer to break bones while they are still breathing.
That sucks a biggun fog. Set ya up a trap and when they bite beat the chit ouf of them!!!

Sorry a$$ punks!!!!!
Major Bummer :(

there is a serious beating in order .. I hope ya find them dirtbags and hurt them :mad:
You know the drill, watch the pawn shops. Maybe you could give me a call on my cell or pm me with an itemized list and I could get the pawnbrokers in my jurisdiction on the look-out for your stuff. All of ours work with us pretty well. 99% of the time, not only do these punks pawn the stuff, but they also feel the need to lie about how long they've owned the stuff, so then we can double tap them with concealing stolen prop. AND false declaration to a pawnbroker, both felonies.
Yes, It was reported, No they did'nt take b-samples, All blood was on the ground ouside the truck in public domain and not useable in court.(plus really small jurisdiction w/o the resources). I'm still trying to remember what all was back there, most of it was stuff I inherited from my grandfather, so It's more sentimental than anything...............

1911, I'll give ya a call later, but more than likely it'll end up around me than that far west....And I always love those extra's...great for fun. Kinda like the dopers, Not only getting Possesion but also getting the Tax stamp violation. Used to love explaining that one to the dealers..... Did ya pay tax on your dope??? No? thats an extra 10years in the "Rump-er Room" then.........Fog
I was fortunate enough to get most of my stuff back due to another victim that happened to be at the pawn shop when the little fuggers tried to pawn the s**t! For future time you bolt the box down, use 1/2 inch bolts and wheel locks for the nuts...I know back in the day alot of guys used wheel locks on their KCs to prevent theft. I don't know if you rent or own, but I was told that from the renters insurance..." if you took your truck and flipped it upside down and shook it, anything that fell out would be covered." Of course I didn't have any at the time...:(
davids78bronco said:
have the cops take the blood samples
They would have only collected prints/blood/eppethelials for a capital crime such as murder, some person getting their tools jacked (allthough very unfortuante) is not worth the tax payers dollars to use those types of resources.

With that said, I am sorry to heare about yoru loss bud, I hope it all works out in the end.
If it was on your property and you have a case number you may be able to claim something with your homeowners insurance.....
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