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Raw Deal on 12/27/03

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Bud, Doug and myself are going to run Raw Deal on 12/27/03. That's the Saturday after X-mas. The meeting place is the "parking lot" area off Table Mesa Road at 10:00am. The general area of this trail is I-17 and Table Mesa Road. If anybody wants more info on how to get there e-mail me dierctly.

About the trail: There are 2 parts Lower and Upper Raw Deal.

The lower portion is 3ish. On a full size Bronco you'd want at least 35" tires. I've run the lower portion with out a locker but I wish I had one. It's a typical AZ wash trail with a really cool rock obsticle in the middle of the trail.

The upper half is a 4+. You will get body damage in a full's just gonna' happen. Front and rear lockers are required and a winch may be needed you get stuck on the last waterfall. I've never run the upper half but have seen and spotted many threw it. The last time I ran Raw Deal I still had a TTB and many broken parts by the time we got to the upper portion so I wasn't able to run it.

If you opt. not to run the upper portion there is a trail that leads out before upper starts. It's usually customary to park and watch the morons that want to run upper since it's pretty short, about 150 yards long, consisting of 3 obsticles.

Hope to see ya there.

-Scott :usa
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Here's some pic's from the last time I was there. This is Lower. Note the snazzzzzie TTB. :crazy

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oh I just thought of something....they are building houses at the end of the upper portion, this maybe closed off completly now. I know last time I was there a few months ago you would end up right in the construction zone after the last waterfall.

damn scott those are some old is the upper portion. also there are bypasses altho not easy

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