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Aight heres the deal. Im broke. Too much money needed every where else, and though I'm going to regret this later on. I'll state all I got for sale.

First up:

Mini T -- Upgraded Battery, full ball bearings, titanium turnbuckles, brand new servo, 2 bodies, Oil shocks (Factories 2 go with it too), Team Losi charger rear tires and wheels are brand new, need a controller and a ESC.

Asking $50 OBO.. If you need better pics, PLZ ask!!!

Next up:


Graphite chassis, bulk head, titanium turnbuckles, Pink Taper Pins (Rear), Extra set (Dunno name) rear tires, full ball bearings, Just rebuilt the trans... Will come with steering servo. No motor/ESC/or Radio 2 bodies, XXX-T Sport (yellow/black body thats been bobbed), and XXX-NT (Blue/white) body goes with it, both badly beaten up.

$50 OBO

Next XXX-S Roller...

3 out of 4 A-Arms are graphite. Has the servo, tried converting to a 2wd dirt oval car. I removed the front CVDs, I still have those in a box. Has a 19x1? Chameleon motor, and man does this car scream! I have 5 bodies in total. 1 of which still isn't painted. Its a EDM body. Otherwise include factory body (Alfa Romeo), Dodge Stratus, RX-7, not sure on the last one. I have a set of slicks mounted to go with it, along with extra A-Arms. Also note, I believe there is yet another set of wheels that will go with the car.

Asking for above listed...

$80 OBO

What else we got...

Also up for grabs... (Sorry no pics as of yet.)

P2K2 27 Turn Motor w/ Extra Armature... Asking $15

10x2 Reedy (Parts Only) $5

Speed Gems 13x2 BRAND NEW ... $40

Midnight 2 27turn.. Used.. $15

Then I have another speed gems can supposedly had a 8turn armature inside it. Never even attempted it, using it. Parts is what we'll list it as. Can and Arm - $10

I have 4 brand new brush pairs.. $8 for all (2 Waffle Slots, 2 Slot Mod Stand Ups)


Batteries! Note all batteries will need charged and discharged since I haven't used them since summer.

1 Intellect 3800 -- $30

2 1500 Match Stick Packs - $20 for both..


Selling my pit box... Its heavy but very nice! Asking $20. Radio and cases in picture are excluded.

Please note EVERYTHING is OBO! NOTE: I do have an ebay account, check my feedback.


Please feel free to email me at my personal email. [email protected] PLEASE title it with RC's For Sale, so I dont mark it as spam.


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You have PM!

(Note JR XS3 IS NOT FOR SALE!) I am keeping my Losi LST. Too much in it to sell. Money talks though.
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