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I am selling all my RC stuff for this Factory Team RC10GT.
Since I got it I have changed the clutch bell for more acceleration (origional 15tooth included)and added an aluminium. blue anodized rear shock tower for looks and strength. The factory team model came with aluminium turnbuckles, CV rear joints (much more sturdy then dogbones), and carbon fiber shock towers. I was into the hobby and raced once, but have gotten out of the hobby as my friends did. I have put well over 800-900 bucks into this thing. I am only asking 300 Or Best Offer. Below are all the things I am including.
. The truck, already fully assembled, ready to go. The bottom of the chassis is scratched up, and the body is cracked, other then that it is in great condition
. .12 OS CV engine, brand new, never been run. Needs to be broken in and go.
. JR racing servos and Futaba Magnum Junior radio controller and reciever.
. OFNA starter box. Single model model (pink box) with aftermarket power panel installed. Also comes with 2 batteries and a charger for the starter box. It can always be converted to Pull start if you really want to.
. Tool Box- Large size, can fit most large extra parts (tires, starter box batteries, etc) in the bottom, and has two separating shelves above that. Wheels and a handle to roll it also.
. All the tools and such that are in the box. This means alan wrenches, glowplug wrench, various wrenches, screwdrivers, etc. Pretty much all you need
. Many extra parts also in the box. Spare A-Arms. .15 OS CV engine parts, spare glow plug, many different springs and a few different shock oils for fine tuning the suspension. Also a ton of various screws and pieces for repairs. Also comes with an extra pair of dirt hawg rear tires for broken up dirt
. Origional tuning tape from Team Associated. And the instruction and breakdown manual for repairs and part numbers.
. 1 gallon of .15 fuel (for break in. As long as you pick it up, as i dontn want to ship this.

Problems with the truck.
. I tried to fire up the engine once, the starter box would not turn it over due to the high compression of the new engine. It was probably positioned wrong, or a dying battery in the box. Since then ive added 1 battery to the box (which is included). Most likely just needs some new positioning on the box and a fresh battery.

All of this stuff for 300 bucks or best offer. E-mail me or PM me.

I may get pics up later tonight, or just E-mail me if you want them.
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