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I am currently gearing up to rebuild my 78 bronco w/ 351m come spring and I am currently looking for some ideas as to the engine internals so I can begin ordering.

$3,000 budget between engine & transmission.
I have already choosen a oil cooler, high flow water pump, and alt. to go with this build I am looking for ideas on the following after market parts.

1. crank shaft
2. cam shaft
3. pistons & rings
4. rocker arms
5. c6 tranny complete rebuild kit
6. cylinder heads
7. fuel injection conversion kit


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For engine internals see Tim Meyer - I would suggest his 400 crank kit and higher compression pistons. He can supply the right cam and roller rockers in an engine kit as well - I went with a Lunati RV/high efficiency cam and Scorpion rockers. He also has some good deals on Oz heads.

There is no efi kit unless you want to go with something like the Holly ProJection system. See Jopes thread or my build thread below for some ideas on how to add Mustang efi to the 351M/400 engine.
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