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Hey you all FSBers

I have been absent for a while, so I thought I would re-introduce myself.

I live in Fort Madison, IA. I work as a tool and die maker's apprentice.

I used to be on here quite frequently with my brother Potamus.

Anyways, Potamus and my family gifted the 78 FSB to me for graduating college and starting a career.

It has a 351M that I have been working on and is on its way to running soon. Here is the digs on the engine.

-Bored .030
-polished chambers, heads shaved a bunch, mildly ported intake and exhaust ports
-Decked the crap out of the block, we shaved about .050 off the deck
-Comp cams 262 grind advanced approx 4*
-Rhoads lifters
-Fully adjustable valvetrain with roller rockers
-Edelbrock 4v intake to combine with a 600 or 650 holley carburetor
-Long tube headers

this should run better than any 351M in the area so I am excited about it.

Now off to browse Forums.
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