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Real quick question(please don't say search)

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Okay this subject has been gone over a million times but I'm going outside in like ten minutes to do this. The tranny cooler is there any right side up way to put it? And can I use a pipe cutter to cut the stock lines? And what should I plug them up with while they are disconnected?
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collinsperformance said:
most coolers do not have a "This side up" they go both ways. you can use a pipe cutter (if it is called a tubing cutter -wheel cuts you tighen the tool and spin again) if you have the parts then no need to plug install the cooler and the flex lines to it and cut and install the connection fittings.....mike
You still need to have it flared out to seal up to the existing hose , with brass bushings.........( . )( . )...........
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