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TTB Will Survive
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Steve83 said:
The vent nipple is steel with pipe threads at the bottom - the junction block is brass with a smooth hole. They can't actually seize together, but the rust from the nipple will swell, binding inside the brass. ...
I always love your exact descriptions. :thumbup

Same thing happened to one of mine. Steve83 is right, spray them with some type of looseing spray, then try to use a wrench made for brake lines (Its late, I've had to many beers and can't remember what its called.) If it strips, than unfortunately you'll have to use vise grips to get it loose. Then you can you an adjustable wrench or the socket to pull it off of the axle.

If you are doing a lift, pro-comp make a new brake line and the whole rear adapter. They are pretty cheap and are steal braided brake lines. then continue with Steve83 suggestion to knock out the nipple.

**Suggestion, when putting it back in, I put 2 washers between the brass juction box and the axle. it gives me more room for the brake wrenches and vise grips if I have to do it ghetto style.**
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