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Finally finished installing a new rear window in the pea green beast and basically rebuilding the tailgate. :whiteflag I had no idea how difficult those little chards of glass would be to remove from inside of the tailgate. Hell, I should have simply removed the whole tailgate to begin with and save myself some time:

-Replaced inner/outer tailgate weatherstripping and the large piece inside to the top.

-Replaced all of the rusty hardware and installed the swing away tire carrier support bracket that fits inside of the tailgate and drilled/mounted the clasp.

-Cleaned every piece of *&*^%& glass out of the tailgate.

-Replaced the (s) tailgate support cables.

-Washed out the bottom portion of the tailgate and coated it w/Corrosion X.

-My hats off to Steve83, his expertise and links were invaluable. Spent way more time on the assend of my Bronco than I had planned. Maybe now I can clean out the engine compartment and replace the plugs & wires. Whew!
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