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rear leaking under spring perches

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hey guys has anyone ever had their rear axle leak from under the spring perches. my spring perches on my 8.8 seemed to have just ripped or tore open my axle tube. i welded it once already but it only cleared up the leak for like a week. before i tear it all apart again to weld it i thought i would ask if anyone else had done anything else to fix this problem?
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time to find a new rearend at the wrecking yard ,welding the tubes is hit and miss at best .:twak
happened to me also. welding the tubes fixed it for a couple months, then it started leaking again. best bet is to find a new housing
k i will have to start looking for one at wrecking yards hopefully i can find a good deal thanks guys
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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