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Hey y'all,

So I'm researching the lift kit that I'll put on my late model FSB (once I find the right one!). I plan on a 3" kit or maybe a 4" max. Down the road at some point, I may tow a small car from time to time. This is ultimately the cause for my concern. I also plan on taking it trail riding on the weekends where I intend to do some light crawling where suspension articulation would be pretty key, I assume. Hear me out as I go through some options.... :)

I could do an add-a-leaf out back for some lift and it would add some more spring rate (good for towing), but the added spring rate would most definitely be bad for suspension articulation. I don't plan on getting airborne when I go wheeling, but would instead prefer a flexible suspension for low speed crawling.

Pro: towing with no increased axle wrap
Con: stiff ride, not-so-great articulation

Blocks would keep the same spring rate which would be good for articulation (compared to a stiffer spring), but axle wrap could be an issue now. Assuming the stock springs are firm enough for towing, the blocks sound reasonable assuming the axle wrap isn't a serious concern.

Pro: ride quality, articulation
Con: axle wrap

Now someone correct me if I'm wrong, but if I got a lift kit with rear springs, I can only ASSume that these springs would be softer than stock for good articulation, but with more arch for the desired lift. If that's not the case, please correct me. If this is the case, these softer springs definitely won't be so good for towing.

Pro: ride quality, articulation, no increased axle wrap
Con: too soft for towing?

Am I looking for the unattainable?

I've never had to research towing a moderately heavy load (4500 lbs.) with a lifted truck, much less a short wheelbase Bronco. So these are concerns I've never had to deal with before. Is axle wrap with 2.5" blocks a serious risk? Are rear lift leaf springs softer than stock? I'd really appreciate your input here.

BTW, I realize a Bronco isn't an ideal tow rig for a car. Just keep in mind I'd take plenty of safety precautions such as a sway control and load distributing hitch to make it more feasible. It would only two occasionally and not on a regular basis. I don't intend for the discussion to segway into a "don't tow with a Bronco" hi-jack. ;)

(looking for a '92+ Bronco)

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Tommy R said:
Are rear lift leaf springs softer than stock?
It depends. You can get them that are. But like the rear spring pack in a standard Super-Lift kit looks like it should be under a dump truck. Definitly has a higher spring rate (Firmer ride)

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Option #4 Shackle Flip. And Broncos do tow small cars around quite well if they are on the right trailer.

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When I first received the Autofab leaves for my Bronco I was worried about them being too stiff and providing too much lift. In the end thought they feel great on and off road. As you can see in the following pic, I also installed a 2-link kit to eliminate Axle-wrap. The 2-link parts may hang too low for someone that's going to be dragging a truck over huge rocks, but they work great for me. The entire set up works great. A nice smooth ride on the street and great articulation and travel off road.

The Bronco has a 4" lift in the front and 2.5" in the rear.

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