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Rear seat belts?

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I did a few searches and came up empty handed.
I have a 1989 Bronco with the 351W/C6 combo. I would like to add 3 point seat belts for the back seat. There are 2 options that I can think of.
The first is purchasing a new top that had the mounting brackets or purchasing a roll bar with mounting brackets. Are either of these options available from a vendor or would I have to have a custom roll bar built?
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You can buy a good used '92-96 camper shell for $20-100 any day of the week to get the hard points in the roof. But the rest will be a little more difficult. Finding good rear shoulder belts from those trucks is harder - I've only found 1. Then you'd have to drill & weld in 2 more hard points to mount each belt: 1 for each reel on each wheelwell, & 1 for each end on each side of the rear seat. Then you have to swap in a '92-96 rear seat, or at least '92-96 buckles.

Doing it with a roll bar wouldn't be much easier, even though you could use ANY roll bar & just have some nuts welded in to recieve the shoulder bolts. You'd still have to come up with a belt system that you'd trust with your life (or your family's). I'd stick with using factory parts because you KNOW they meet DOT specs for rollover safety.

If you need a good rear seat, I have a nice tan leather one in great shape for sale. Click my sig & look in the Spare Parts album.

I did a similar install in a friend's '75 Bronco using a roll bar to add front shoulder belts:
. . .
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I have an 87 and am just looking for lap belts for the back. Junkyards here are empty, any ideas?
??? '78-91 lap belts are permanently attached to the seat. How'd you lose yours?
Still have the latches and the center belt. I think the rear seat has been changed out for a 92+. I know the inner trim pannels have been (holes for the shoulder harness on the wheel well). I just need a belt (manual adjust or retractable) so I can haul more than 3 without having to worry about gettin tagged by the cops cause my passengers aren't belted. Down here in FL they can and will do that to you, they can also ticket the passenger if they are a licensed driver and didn't belt up.
It would be pretty hard for a cop to come up with PC to view the rear-seat occupants' restraints, especially on a vehicle that sits as high as a Bronco (compared to a cop car) & that was made before rear shoulder belts were mandatory. That fact alone would get you out of almost any "restraint" ticket.

Sounds like you should just swap the right seat back in. I'll keep my eyes open, but shipping will be a KILLER on a Bronco back seat going to FL.
FL is one of those states where they can pull you over just to see if you are wearing your seatbelt. To view the rear seat all they have to do is look in the window. One of their favorite things right now, with the holidays and all, is DUI "checkpoints". Where they pull over everybody to see if they've been drinking. I'm thinking I should be able to find some lap belts somewhere I can bolt in. Maybe aftermarket, or with some luck I can find an old Blazer somewhere. But then again, thats me thinking, usually all I get is a headache :toothless
LMC online, JCwhittney, or any speed shop will have belts. you just might need to be creative in the install. lap belts easy drill a hole and put a 1/4" 4X4 plate under the body and done..........not the safest but workable look at your front mounts under the body. a nut welded to a washer to the body. i would go with a larger plat than a fender washer but eatyher will allow you pass an inspection on the street....mike
Attach the belts to the seat hinge bolts (or somewhere on the seat base), like they should be.

But you'd be MUCH better off getting the right seat...
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