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What is the best motor for my 79 tailgate window. Ours is lifting and lowing slow. Thanks

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How slowly? Make sure the felt tracks aren't catching up on the window and that the wires aren't corroded. If it rolls up and down then it's probably not the motor but something else binding it up

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Yo mickinok,
As canuckistan97 advised.

Inspect glass weatherstrip for grime, lack of lubrication. Clean ws with water/Dawn mixture, then clean water.

Ford recommends, "Use Silicone Lubricant C0AZ-19553-AA (jelly) or D7AZ-19553-AA (spray) or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESR-M13P4-A on the door and window weatherstrips whenever necessary. Silicone lubricant helps avoid weatherstrip squeaks and retards excess weatherstrip wear from chafing between the glass and the weatherstrip. It also helps to retain glass alignment by reducing friction between the glass frame and the rubber weatherstrip.
miesk5 note, test the silicone on a regular styrofoam cup first; if the cup gets funky or melts, then the can or tube contans oil, a regular occurrence now, esp if from China.

Use Multi-Purpose Grease or equivalent meeting Ford specifications ESR-M1C159-A and ESB-M1C106-B to lubricate door and tailgate hinges. Apply an even coat to all hinge pivot points as outlined in the maintenance schedules or when a binding or squeaking condition occurs..." I bought a can of Motorcraft Multi-Purpose Grease @ Advance Auto a few years ago, or use Valvoline mp grease

I use DuPont™ Non-Stick Dry Film Lubricant with Teflon™ on the flocked weatherstrip edges that hug the glass.

"Take off the TG access cover and spray Tri-Flow in the tracks on either side so the regulator toggles slide up and down easy" by our late friend here JKossarides.

"The best grease for the slides & tracks is PTFE". by Steve

Is window regulator rusted badly? If so, clean & lube it with multi purpose grease.

Are Glass "rollers" ok?

Tailgate Regulator Glass Roller Replacement @ Replacing the swivel slide and rear window by Bronco-In-Training

Ensure that the motor is mounted properly to the back of the regulator.

Tailgate could be mis-aligned. Inspect gaps between each side of the tailgate and the quarter panels. If the tailgate is too high or low, the latch jaws will cut into the striker bushings, so inspect them.

See 78-79 Tailgate Striker Bolt Revision @ Tailgate Striker bolt - FSB Forums

Tailgate and some other parts are available @;
Bronco Graveyard, a FSB VENDOR! @ Tailgate ( tailgate section
Rock Auto. A FSB VENDOR! @ RockAuto
Auto Krafters - Bronco/Ford truck parts & accessories @ 1995 Ford Bronco Parts Ford Parts, Classic Car Parts, Truck Parts and Services by Auto Krafters-Mustang Auto Parts Too!
Mill Supply - Bronco/Ford truck body panels, interior door panels, weatherstrip, mirrors, headlights, tail lights, side marker; Click Order a CATALOG
@ Mill Supply | Snow Plow Parts - Stepvan Parts - Rust Repair Panels | Mill Supply, Inc.
National Parts Depot - Bronco/Ford truck parts & accessories; Click Order your Printed NPD catalog
@ National Parts Depot | Restoring American History | Mustang Parts | Camaro Parts | Chevelle Parts | Ford Truck Parts | T-Bird Parts | Firebird Parts | Chevy Truck Parts
CARID A FSB VENDOR @" - Auto Parts & Accessories | Car, Truck, SUV, Jeep
LMC TRUCK® (Long Motor Corporation) - Bronco/Ford truck parts & accessories & 66-77 & 80-96 Bronco
Truck Parts & Truck Accessories @ Search |
Galpin Ford @ Galpin Ford
Parts Geek has Motorcraft @ Discount Auto Parts Online -- - Domestic & Import Car Parts Warehouse
Metro Moulded Parts - rubber restoration parts & Bronco/Ford truck weather stripping; Click Free Catalog
@ Metro Moulded Parts ~ Top Quality Automotive Weatherstripping and Rubber Parts
SoffSeal® (formerly A&M Soffseal) - Bronco/Ford truck door & window weather stripping; Click Free Catalog @ SoffSeal | Classic Car Weatherstripping Manufacturer
Steele Rubber Products - Bronco/Ford truck weather stripping & rubber; Click REQUEST A CATALOG @ Automotive Rubber Parts and Weatherstripping

78-79 Broncos

REMOVABLE ROOF PANEL SEALS Diagrams, 78-96 w/Ford part numbers;
D8TZ-9851322-A Removable Roof Front Seal On fiberglass roof;

D8TZ-98513C22-PR Removable Roof Side Panel Seals on 78-79;

D8TZ-9854732-A Front Roof Rear Seal on metal roof on 78-79;

E1TZ-98422A20-A Back Window Glass Lower Side Run, RH or LH on 78-96

Part #: D8TZ-9854732-A
Source: by via
Bronco Catalog 2003

Camper Top Location Diagram #1; "...There's 1 weatherstrip across the back of the cab that slips onto a lip of steel, and a reinforced rubber trim that covers another lip, but it doesn't seal anything. Then there's a foam rubber gasket glued under each side of the shell, terminating in a large foam block at the tailgate. So that's a total of 4 pieces, but only 3 are seals. Only the weatherstrip on the cab is marked in the 1st diagram, but all are shown in cross-section..."
by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at

Camper Top Location Diagram #2
by Steve83

Weather Seal, Outer, Rear Glass Run Seal Removal (broncograveyard pn 34543 for 80-96); "...Use a screwdriver to gently pry the OUTER weatherbelt up just enough to pop the cllps loose. I've pulled the far end out to show the clips, but it should be left straight until ALL the clips are loose, then lifted out without bending. The inner seal is removed the same way, but use a rag between the screwdriver and the paint..."
Source: Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at

Weather Seal, Camper Top Weather Seal, Glass Run Info & Ford pn; "...Some aftermarket versions are simply a continuous strip - they lack the formed corner pieces at each end..."
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at

Weather Seal, Threshhold in 78-96 Diagram; "...the body style shown is '78-79 (taillight & strike mounting) and the actual threshhold is NOT shown. But the seal & retainer are the same for '78-96. The 56928-S55 screws are phillips head with large integral washer ~1/4" long with self-drilling tip.The 55933-S55 screws are countersunk oval phillips head ~1/4" long with normal tip..."
Source: by Steve83 (Steve, That dirty old truck) at

Weather Seal Parts Break-Out Diagram; "...The outside weatherbelt that wipes the glass is D8TZ-9841610-A and cost $24 in 1996. The inner (9841676 above) is F6TZ-9842072-AA and was $27.
To assist you, here is:
Ford 1979 Bronco/F Series Electrical & Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual via Ziggy⚠⚠⚠ @
1979 Ford Bronco Wiring Manual pictures, videos, and sounds |
It shows Electrical component location, operation, troubleshooting, with wiring and vacuum diagrams.

1979 Ford Bronco Wiring Schematics, Connector Pin-outs, etc by Ranger429 @ 79 wiring schematics

1979 Bronco Brochure @ Bronco_1979.pdf

1979 Ford Bronco vs. Blazer Article by Ford via Indybronco @ 1978 Ford Bronco Bronco vs. Blazer (79) pictures, videos, and sounds |

Ford Shop Manual Diagrams: 1978-1979 Full Size Shop Manuals, partial @ Technical Diagrams Archives
My Tablet takes hours to download, so try the first in this list as long as you have Adobe Acrobat 9 or later installed.
Wiring Manuals & Diagrams Download PDF
This complete manual for the 1972-1979 Ford Bronco Includes Rear Lights Diagram
Motor Manuals & Diagrams Download PDF
This complete manual for the 1972-1979 Ford Bronco Includes Air Cleaner Diagram
Chassis Manuals & Diagrams Download PDF
This complete manual for the 1972-1979 Ford Bronco Includes '78 Brakes Diagram, Gas Tank Setup Diagram
Body Manuals & Diagrams Download PDF This complete manual for the 1972-1979 Ford Bronco Includes; Upper Body Diagram, Front Clip Diagram, heater Ducts Diagram, Tailgate Diagram, Console Diagram, Front Clip Diagram, Grill Setup Diagram, Heater Controls Diagram, Interior Trip Diagram, Rear Sheetmetal Diagram, Tiltwheel Diagram, Tire Rack
Let me know if the downloads are worth the effort.

See Bubba's M-Block Ford V8 Workshop by Dave Resch

Partial Chilton Manual for 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 Bronco. Scanned by @ Bronco City

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Believe it or not the new motor made in China works a lot better that the original stock rebuilt motors from Napa auto. I hate to say that but it’s what I found
Just my experience
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