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Rear Window Problems

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I searched the forums and found lots of help for rear window problems, but i have a question that hasn't been answered yet. I read earlier that if the tailgate is not completely shut, then the window will not work. well, where is the shut off that makes that window not work. i ask b/c when i was checking the continuity at the pigtail connection before the motor and i did not get any power. the truck was on and i tried with both window switches, and no power at any of the inlet or outlets at that pig tail. so, in order for me to get power to this pigtail, does the tailgate need to be completely shut or should i still be getting power there even though the tailgate isn't shut? i appreciate it guys
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itll go down but nit uo right? u have no power... jump it
i actually tried looking for your page on it, b/c i saw on one of the forums that you had a page just for rear window problems, but i couldn't find it. i also tried to jump it but the windo would only go down about a half of an inch. also, i tried to take the motor out and let the window go down but it wouldn't go down that way either. so i jumped on here and read more in the guide, and i read something about a safety rod, which i didn't find in my tailgate. either way, my window is still stuck up. i am starting to think the gear that lowers the window maybe a lil too rusty. is that a common problem?
Something I did for mine was use a battery charger and test the motor just disconnect the plug and use some test leads to apply the positive and negative leads to the pins, switching polarity will make the motor go up then down. That will at least tell you the motor is good.
Driver's side latch is where the "kill switch" thing is. Try pushing in the tailgate while trying to roll it down. Sometimes the 'gate will let you roll the window up and while driving around, it'll get out of that sweet spot again. Moral of the story is that the 'gate ain't shut all the way.
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