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'92 302 E4OD 167k mi
Planning on doing a rebuild this winter. Motor runs smooth but sounds to me like needs work, regular ticking when running especially under load or accelerating. Weekend driver only and used to tow my 18' bass boat up and down the hills to/from the lake. Really dogs it up the hills towing but only somewhat sluggish with OD off. Would expect more from V8. Not replacing AC which has suffered black death. Planning on keeping for the long haul, although will not be lifting.

Considering a Jasper instead of the rebuild, although would rather not pay for a warranty that I'll not have to use. Rebuild option will be done by well reputed local who's day job is American Airlines mechanic who will let me help and teach me. Leaning towards keeping cost down and learning more along the way.

1 - Rebuild engine or start with a Jasper? (Std, Class 1, or Class 2?)
2 - What minimal cost upgrades are suggested? (6litre ignition upgrade)
3 - Hoping to include both an oil cooler and tranny cooler.

Planning on doing exhaust work then as well if I can afford it. Don't want anything too aggressive or loud, just some plop and better breathing. Consider cost a factor, though if difference is negligible will take better option.

4 - Shorty or long tube headers?
5 - 2 1/4" dual exhaust or 3" single?
6 - If dual does it have to cross over?

Please forgive the noob, I've only had some basic ignition and fuel systems classes and been driving imports all my life.
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