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Hi guys new to a Bronco have a 1996 xlt just bought it while looking under the vehicle today I see a tube hanging just next to the tranny. Just wondering if anyone knows what this is and where it goes when i trace it back to the 5.0 engine it hooks into what look to me like a reed valve located in the middle of engine by firewall any ideas would be much appreciated .

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Can you take a picture? that'll help.

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The 96 302 only had the tube coming off of the smog pump and going into the crossover tube behind the heads, and the egr tube. None of those are along side of the transmission. Only hose I know of near the transmission is the breather hose for the transfer case.

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Is it #4?
Air Inlet Tube Location at Catalytic Converter in 96
The check valve is @ top of the air tube and often rusts out, causing an exh leak sound.

1 5F250 Catalytic Converter
2 375636-S309 Nut, Catalytic Converter-to-Exhaust Manifold
3 389112-S2 Stud, Catalytic Converter-to-Exhaust Manifold
4 9J454 Air Inlet Tube
5 5230 Muffler
6 N804034-S Clamp
7 5E287 Catalytic Converter Heat Shield, Front
8 N605905-S103 Bolt, Front Heat Shield
9 N803714-S102 Nut, U-Lock
10 N800295-S102 Nut, U-Lock
11 5K283 Catalytic Converter Heat Shield, Rear
12 5F250 Catalytic Converter
13 N605905-S1023 Bolt, Rear Heat Shield
14 N647098-S Rivet
15 5A246 Muffler Assembly Bracket
16 N620481-S2 Nut, Support Bracket
17 5A212 Muffler Extension Pipe
18 N803714-S102 Nut, U-Lock
A � Tighten to 34-46 Nm
(25-34 Lb-Ft)
B � Tighten 40-50 Nm
(30-37 Lb-Ft)
C � Tighten to 54-71 Nm
(40-52 Lb-Ft)
D � Tighten to 22-28 Nm
(16-21 Lb-Ft)
E � Tighten to 17-23 Nm
(13-17 Lb-Ft)

Cross-Over Tube, Diverter & Check Valves & Hoses Location in Parts Break-Out Diagram in a 96 w/Ford part numbers
Source: by Ford via miesk5 at


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