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Reference for building a custom Heavy Duty motor mount

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Joe’s 1984 Ford Bronco 351 Windsor custom Heavy Duty motor mount
This is how I made mine,
Basic idea, is that I kept blowing out the driver’s side motor mount,
pretty much just separating the rubber from the two metal mount plates.
Thought about chaining the motor down,
and then with some searching found these mounts….

For roughly $120 plus shipping and the week or so wait to have them delivered.
So I sought out to make my own. Since I had the scrap, bolts and a bushing sitting around.

Parts and assembly….
Bushing is a poly. Lower trac-bar bushing from a 78-79 Bronco,
with a ¾” bolt. This should never break. So it is up to my welding.
The base plate is ¼ or 5/16???? Stud is 5/8” fine thread bolt with lock nut.
I cut the head off of the bolt, and drilled an over size hole about
1/8" into the base plate, this allowed for a little channel around the
stud for more welding surface.
The bushing mount is pipe sleeved with 1.75” DOM,
used the pipe for the perfect fit around the bushing and sleeved
it with DOM for strength.
Tabs and angle is ¼”. Bought a new OEM mount from the parts house and
copied from there. Basically drilled all holes to size welded tabs in, test fit
bushing and bolts, painted and installed. Now waiting to go test it out, if it
holds I will return the mount I bought, if not then I will put it in and figure out
a way to chain the motor down..

3 hours to sort through scrap, weld, and assemble.
1 hour to remove old mount and install new one…

Was nothing because I had everything lying around the garage.
Except the new OEM mount $8.99 from Parts America.

But a rough estimate if you had all your own tools and know how would be,

$10 for the bushing (set of upper and lower trac-bushings)
$4 in scrap metal (50cents/pound)
$5 for hardware (all grade 8 nylon lock nuts, ¾” bolt is $2.50 by itself)
97 cent can of black paint from wal-mart.
So total would be roughly $20… $29 with a new OEM template


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