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Gotta thank Beakerf for hooking me up with some replacements for the lights on the limo. Im always being asked how i swapped the front clears in on zilla so i figured id take some pics since i was replacing the lights on the limo..

the reason for the swap was that the previous owner of the front clip used a bulb too powerful and it started to melt the housing.. i swapped in regular bulbs but the damage was done and it just kept melting since they were being held on with duct tape.. also the lower/corner light (not sure what the name is) had the bulb tabs broken off so i had to tape the bulbs in. beakerf hooked me up with a complete set.. thanks man..

step one.. the more room you have, the easier the swap is.. On the passenger side just remove the battery.. On the drivers side remove the fluid resevoir. Unplug the pump and unbolt the resevoir from its frame.

remove these 2 screws..

with a 7/16 socket remove the 2 nuts holding the lower light to the bronco.

this whole assembly comes out as one piece. unplug the lights before removing it. just turn to unlock them and pull them out.

remove the 3 screws holding the light to the bezel. then remove the bracket that holds half of the other light. now you can pull the bottom light out and replace it with a regular or clear.

put everything back on, make sure to get some new amber bulbs if you are installing clears..




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Looking good, Raf.....Now where is the paint??????????

As for the clear corner lites, I bought mine from, I think they were about forty somethin. But check E-bay also....

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I like it...lookin' good Raf...

I thought about the clear corners on mine, but I don't really know if they would look right.

I really need to put a new avitar picture up; now that I have a digi cam - I can get the one from the spring install down.

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