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Relay panel

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Made this yesteday for all my stuff on the truck and thought I'd post a pic.

IT will go right next to my batteries. IT's 8"x1.5' abouts. IT will hold atleast 10-30 amp relays. So I will be able to run anything I come up with on it.
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Looks Nice, I am in the middle of doing that myself, same mounting area as well. I am thinking about putting mine in a RS project box, I have several spare.

YA that was my origianal plan, but I've never had an issue with my relays and water. So I'm not to worried about it.
Dang, every time I try to wire junk it looks like crap

:rockon Nice
YA me to usually.

But I've only dedicated myself to like 4 runs this summer. Trying to make all the 5+ trails the club runs. I did about 15 runs last summer, so stuff had to be throw together to be ready the next weekend. When you only get 3 months to play as much as you can it's kinda hard. I plan to do alot of stuff to the bronco, if I make more runs it's a bonus. But I want to build more this year. And I plan to do it right even if it takes me awhile.
thats thweet :thumbup
little hint:

pull off the plastic insulator before crimping, then heat shrink over it.
I buy all my stuff without the plastic on it. Heat shrink has a better result if it can bond to the terminal not the plastic ;)
Good idea. I never thought about that. But I bought a box of 100 connecters. Was almost $10. cheaper then buying the same amount in 8 peice boxes.. Never know when you'll need connectors.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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