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Replacing Ignition Module 4 Pin Socket Question

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Im replacing the Ignition Modules 4 Pin Socket/plug on my 84.
First, I ordered and received the replacement pigtail from LMC, however I have cross checked this pigtail at RJM/Rock Auto/Pico/ and repairconnectors. They all have the same pigtail. (AIRTEX / WELLS Part # 1P1148)or(LMC 47-0966 SOCKET-IGN MODULE 4 PIN)

Second, while the replacement pigtail is the correct size and shape and number of wires, they all have one big difference. The original has 3 16AWG wires (red,yellow,green) and 1 10AWG (yellow)wire,

But the replacement pigtail is just 4 black 16AWG wires.

I listed the color for reference only, my only concern is why I would step down a 10AWG wire to 16AWG? Or is this the wrong part, keeping in mind Ive had a picture of the part from everybody listed above and they all carry the same.

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yo 84,

Yep, I see most including that top provider to Ford, Wells, and PICO - 5746C (#5746PT) Electronic Ignition Module (4 Pin4-16 ga Leads, etc using 16AWG on all 4 wires;
I'd use weather pack 4 pin connectors and finish it off yourself
Typical Diagram
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I'll mark that as solution #1.

Does anyone know if I will be able to run a 10AWG wire into a standard 4 wire flat Weatherpack, next to the 3 16AWG wires? My reading seems to suggest that I can run a 12AWG next to the 16AWG wires in the pack. But there is very little mention of 10AWG. Or even if I can get a 10AWG terminal. Or am I misreading and the terminals in the kits work for 16-10AWG and you just need the different sized seals?

I gave up on the White Products Weather Pack on-line catalog; thanks to Comcast again
I looked @ WPT-4 and the female WPS-4 and I think I saw the terminals go to just 12 gauge; I thought they offered 10 ga too, but maybe it's in a diff type? Anyway, I lose the URL because of whatever CC is doing here again.

They have a phone # listed there.

see if this will fit the WP 4 pin connectors;
Weather pack pins 12-10 ga. 5 male - 5 female
$3.95 Replacement Pins for Weather Pack Connectors- 5 male and 5 female- 12-10 ga.
Hey thanks for the links.

I order a bunch for testing from RJM. Weird that I did not come across the 2 links you sent me. I looked at dozens of pages over 2 days and settled on RJM. He had okay cost, but no min quantities so I can test out fitting a 10AWG into a WP-4 casing.
Okay so I put together my own 4 pin for the Ignition Module. Here is the old plug with the new.

3 16AWG wires plus 1 10AWG wire. After some work I got it.

So here is the advice, if you can go 12AWG instead of 10AWG it will be a lot easier. The 10AWG is a real tight fit and will tear the boot off if you don't ease it in with a small flathead. The 12AWg should fit fine.

Also there is a special crimper for doing weather packs. If you are not patient then buy this. Im tired of buying specialty tools on this project that only have one use so I used a combo of a regular crimper and a double barrel crimper and took my time.

I'm not a fan of not using the right tool for the job, but I already own 4 different crimpers that only do 4 different things and I'm giving the finger to buying a fifth for between $50 and $100 depending on where you shop.

Otherwise these go together really easy. I also soldered the connections just in case.
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Yo, Thanks for the update & pics!
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