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Retaining cruise control switches with aftermarket steering wheel

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For a while now I've been wanting to use an aftermarket steering wheel to replace the thin stock steering wheel in my 84 Bronco. But, I didn't want to loose my cruise control (the switches on the steering wheel). I remembered that older Saleen Mustangs had the OE switches mounted behind the steering wheel with a special bracket. Of course finding someone that was willing to part with the original Saleen part would be near impossible. Amazingly enough, though, I found a machinist that has made new brackets that allow the use of stock Mustang switches just like the original Saleen brackets. The bracket is designed to be used with Momo/Sparco/any steering wheel with the 6-bolt pattern but I drilled 4 holes in it so I could put it all together with a borrowed cheapo Grant style steering wheel while I make sure it all works.

BTW: Most Ford cruise control switches are interchangeable (the resistance values) through 1996.

I figured I'm not the only one that has wanted to do this & thought I'd post the info. I'll post the guys email address later in case anyone is interested.

A new bracket:

My bracket after I drilled it for the 5-bolt flange:

Installed on my Bronco (excuse the ugly steering wheel, it's not staying):

A couple pics of the bracket installed on a Momo steering wheel:

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Dude that is awesome. I was just thinking of relocating them to the center console or dashboard or something.
Neat. I've got an '84 with that sorry skinny steering wheel. Over the years I've just put covers over it but this gives me hope for something better. Thanks.
:thumbup How much and whats the address:rockon
pretty cool.
did later broncos have the CC on the turnsignal stalk?
Dude!:beer that is awesome!:chili:

Nice job! :thumbup Now you will have to finish this thread off as a tech article with all the details. I'm sure this will become a popular mod.

You are going to be famous!:rockon
Dude that is awesome. I was just thinking of relocating them to the center console or dashboard or something.
I had planned on doing the same thing but I wasn't thrilled about the idea. I'm much happier with the switches as they are now and it didn't require a bunch of extra work. now I just have to find a steering wheel I like at a price I like....

pretty cool.
did later broncos have the CC on the turnsignal stalk?
Not that I know of.
steve thats so bad ass. i want one. i have a wheel and i cant afford one of those kits that grant makes. that is awesome. also how much $$$ did u spend?
Got any more of them may be a steering wheel god or something
You're famous !! I have a grant wheel I've always wanted to stick on.
Ditto for me... So do the switches stay stationary or do they turn with the wheel? If they turn, how do you keep the wires from wrapping?

Sign me up for that too!
The OE cruise control wiring is retained. It goes down the steering column just like the stock set-up. Yes, the switches rotate with the wheel.
how much was the bracket?...where can we get it?

It's funny that this thread came up because I was looking at Grant steering wheels but didnt want to relocate my cruise control.
Dude where did you get that bracket . I put a MOMO on my 94 bronco and gave the cruise up. I would love to reinstall it. Let us know .
That is a clean set-up. I'd get one if we knew how to get em.
I'm waiting for a response from the guy that made the bracket. I sent him and email asking if it was ok to post his contact info but haven't heard back. As soon as I do I'll let you guys know.
OK guys I got a response from Mark. He said he'd be happy to make more. I believe they are $85 and the come with the mounting screws for the switches. You will need to supply your own switches, but those should be relatively easy to come by at a wrecking yard. If anyone needs help with the wiring let me know.

You can email Mark directly for more information on purchasing the bracket.

[email protected]
It's a really nice piece and it's well worth $85. There's just no way for me to justify spending that kind of money to myself on something I don't really need. I think Iv'e done too many of th sixliters mods and have gotten use to doing things cheaply.
very nice....may buy one for future.
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