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Well folks...i joined the forum a few years ago and almost bought a bronco many times...but never found what i was looking for with the money in my pocket. Still want a 78/9 but ill settle for what i got. I finally got back to the states and within a week I find a 94 EB with 50k on a new motor. The body has 225k so there are def some issues. But for now its my DD and ill be putting some parts together to make her ill throw a pic or 2 up soon.

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welcome home. look forward to seeing it. :thumbup

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Pictures and Welcome to our Home, Please take the time and click on the "VOTE for TOP 4X4 SITE" so we can get more exposure and Members as yourself...

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You're kinda in the same boat I am. I spent 3 years looking for the specific Bronco I wanted. Sometimes it just takes a while to get what you want.

Post those pics! Seems like people here are great at helping others solve "issues" with their rides!
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