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Rod bearing replacement

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I decided to further disassemble my short block while it’s out and all my rod bearings are worn. From what I can tell they are uniformly worn with a similar pattern on all the bearings and no pits or scratches, just slow smooth wearing. The crank journals are smooth and free of nicks and scratches.

My question is can I just buy new standard bearings and replace these old ones? I would probably just go over the journals with some emery cloth to clean them up.

Second part of this are my bores, they are in ok shape, but has some light scratches on the bottom. I’m thinking I can give it a quick honing and maybe replace the rings. I know this isn’t as good as a proper rebuild but it’s budget friendly, I just don’t want to screw anything up.


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Everything is standard, it’s never been rebuilt or turned. And I don’t plan on “honing” to remove metal as much as to just bust the glaze so the new rings will seat.

I have done a lot of this stuff on small engines just never on bigger engines, have always had new or refinished surfaces to work with.

The journals are smooth as glass, not a nick on them anywhere. I could only guess that it would be fine with new standard bearings as it was running fine with the old bearings, no knocks or anything.

I need a new battery for my dial caliper so I can measure to journals to make 100% sure they’re standard.

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I forgot about that stuff, good call on the plastigage.

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Rod Journals are 2.123 so that means standard size. Talked to and old school mechanic today, he told me I was on the right track, if the bearings look like I told him he did and it measured out right and there was no grooves or nicks on the crank then it should be just fine to put new bearings in, just make sure everything is clean he said.
Also about the honing, he actually gave me a honing stone and told me how to work it, but before I did anything I needed to take the top ring off the matching cylinder and square it in the bore and measure the gap, if it falls into spec then a new set of standard rings should do fine after a quick glaze busting with the home. So...looks like I have my project for next weekend!

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