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Roll Cage in my 78

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OH yea, there's a lot of triangulation and gussets to go in yet... Padding as well. This is the basic structure.
davids78bronco said:
Aren't you concerned about knocking you head on the B hoop??
I built it with plenty of room for my head to bounce around, but padding will be an absolute necessity. It's no more a problem than those damn shoulder belt boxes (OUCH!). Another thing I consider is the events I compete in require helmets. There are times/places just wheelin if I had helmets with me I woulda put em on everyone in the rig... nothin like crackin a couple eggs in the back seat on those long trail rides.
Crazed said:
Looks great!! is my 79 next? :shrug
Thanks, Tim. Like I said... it's not done but it's better than nothing. After what I did on the Little Rubicon my wife was pretty serious about me doing this cage. We'll talk about your 79 next weekend if you're going to the Mt.
drexelsteve said:
tied into the frame?
Nope, but it's got 4 of the diagonal pieces in now. I'm slow.
davids78bronco said:
It would appear you're running on Raf-time
Well, I'm starting the Off-Road Machine Builder's Union and we're gonna have some conditions around here. Stick it to the man!
1) We get to do work when our chores are done and wife sez it's ok.
2) No pictures will be posted until the spray paint and ty-raps are on. Before/after pics would be an exception.
3) All wounds must be photographed and documented. After first aid of course.
4) Gotta have breaks... lotsa breaks. Parts runs are not considered breaks.
1 - 8 of 22 Posts
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