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Roof cracked

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Is anyone elses roof cracked at the drip rails?
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Oh know! newbie alert! :twak Try the search function first, this is a common problemo. I hope you have beter luck than most keeping the roof of the cab on at highway speed. Be careful!
yes sir this is a very comon problem with was said try searching the forums to see some more info on the subject
Mine is cracked all to hell on both sides. I really need to post some pictures of it.

the only years that do not crack are 95-96 because ford put a support in there you can by the repair kit from ford it is expensive i cant justify spending havlf the value of my truck on fixing some cracks.
As far as I know they all crack, even the '95 and '96's..Mine cracked about 4 years ago and I've had them fixed twice first time without and the second time with the kit from Ford, if you ask me it was a waste of $120 bucks..just have a body shop do a little grinding and then build up a weld prime, paint and cover with a s**tload of silicone.
My roof flew off at 80mph, should of repaired those cracks.

I found caulking that matches my truck close enough for me. Keeps em fro rusting and deteriorating further.
Ok well first off thanks for all the help. I got to take a closer look at the crack after the rain stopped. (my truck wont fit inside anywhere.) It looks like I am lucky it is just the windshield leaking. But I am gonna take a closer look at the roof panel to prevent any crack that may come about. this is my 3rd bronco and I havent had any problems on any of them with rust mainly due to the fact that I live in TX. but I have decided to keep this bronco for a while. So I wanna make sure it is done right. thanks again for the help.
I just got done repairing mine. It is pretty easy to do if you have the right tools. I first removed the cap then I cut out all the rust with a plasma cutter then flanged it and pounded out a new metal patch that I MIG welded into place. Grind all the welds smooth apply some body filler urethane prime, block sand and paint and your all done this is a weekend project. I have tried to just weld the joint up and found it just comes back if you don’t put a metal patch in. I have another Bronco I am working on that the entire roof is rotted out along the gutter above the door I got a new roof but I now own the last one according to Ford I don't know what I'm going to do if I need another one.
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