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I recently bought a 95 bronco. When I bought it, the guy I got it from said the auto lockers weren't working so he took them out with the intention of putting in manual lockers, but he hadn't got around to putting them in yet. The passenger side rotor assembly was pretty worn and the wheel bearings sounded terrible so I thought I should replace them. I got the rotor off a 96 Bronco. When I took the rotor off of the 96 I realized that the nut was a different style. Rather than having the four prong nut, it had a round nut that just had two flat sides on it. At that point I thought maybe it was a different rotor but after comparing it to mine, it looked the same.

I headed home to swap them out and as I took my rotor off I saw that it had been scraping the abs sensor and wore it down pretty bad. I went ahead and tried putting the new rotor on, but when I start to get it pretty tight I completely locks up. I noticed that it's sitting too far in on the spindle because the drive on my ratchet wont sit into the special socket all the way when I start to tighten it and because it's clearly too close to the dust shield. The reason it's locking up is because it's still scraping the abs sensor.

I thought at first that the spindle needed a washer or spacer before the rotor went on and maybe it had been replaced before and someone left it off. So I looked at the 96 to see if it had something like that and it didn't either. I was wondering if anyone had any idea what is causing the problem.

Thanks for any advise.
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