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Routing Wires through firewall

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O.K. I have searched and found bits and pieces but nothing comprehensive. I currently have a CB with loudpeaker, lights, and an inverter. I'm about to add a dual battery set up, rear facing lights, and maybe some mechanical guages. So far I have run wires through door jambs and various other non-recommended places. I'm look for ideas and pics of the shortest routes through the firewall and away from heat.
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i routed my guage tubing through the clutch blank in the firewall it's pretty easy to get to, but i havn't sealed it back up so it's a bit louder
Just drill a hole and put a grommet in it. Problem solved.
There is an existing grommet that you put about (7) 16 gauge wires through really easily.

Always run an extra or two for future projects
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This forum is not for asking questions - it's only for posting completed procedures so others can follow your example.

I knew someone would get twist in their panties no matter where I put it. I put it here because I figured the answers would pretty much be a write-up. But if we clutter it up with posts unrelated to the topic, it will become another waste of bandwidth:banghead
Under the carpet on the passeger side, there is an inlet out let for whatever you may need to run...
My panties are straight.

p54519 said:
I put it here because I figured the answers would pretty much be a write-up.
That could be said of almost any question post. Did you read the forum rules?

This forum is for technical information on "how to's" etc. Preferably, any thread started in this section will have "how to" information AND pictures. For those that are verbally challenged, pictures will suffice.

This is supposed to be a resource/catalog of items for for anyone planning a swap or modification

This is not the forum to ask questions, post pictures that are non-tech related, or to gossip/BS.
On behalf of FSB, I would like to cordially welcome this thread to the "General repair and Tech Help" forum. :beer

I have a few wires going through the grommet that the spedo cable also goes through.
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