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Running issue

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OK I have searched and nothing seems to fit my problem exactly so I will ask. I have a 95 Bronco with a 351W and an E4OD when I start it it will start and run fine through the high warm up idle and kicks down fine but then it seems like something shorts out the electrical system. The fuel pump will skip and stutter and then run fine. If you shut it off durning this episode and then turn the key to run you can hear the pump stuttering sometimes it will shut off like its suppose to after a second sometimes it will continue to run. I have replaced both relays the EEC and fuel pump checked all the grounds I could find. I thought maybe ignition key related but wiggling produces no effects. It also only does this about once a day usually the first time I start it in the am. Any help would be great I am at a loss. It has also recently had a tune up and new distibuter put in.
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Check your alternator output. I've seen excessive alternator ripple voltage and in-consistant output do all sorts of weird things.
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