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Its an 1989 302 aod.

About a month back is started running rough. It would feel like a big miss when driving in the 1500-2000 rpm range, when i floor it it would run fine. Well it would come and go and i haven't had time to investigate so ive just been living with the annoyance. Today i got home from the store and and it was running really really rough so i shut it off and popped the hood and didnt see anything that struck me. i decided to pull a plug just to see and low and behold it was the nastiest plug id ever seen, but all other 7 plugs were fine. im pretty sure it is a leaky valve seal but it still has 120 compression. and then i went to start it again and it turns and turns but wont crank. here is what i have narrowed it down to.

it has spark, its timed right, got vacuum, got fuel psi to rail i tested WITH A GUAGE, it will start for a second on starting fluid but then die, the plugs are dry as a bone.

i and almost positive the injectors aren't firing what could cause this?

thanks ahead of time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts