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Rust Bullet

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I went ahead and bought a quart of Rust Bullet. It arrived in two days as promised. The instructions say that you can apply it over the rusted area, but to scrape off the flakey stuff, so I wire brushed the whole thing. Cleaned it up good, vacuumed out the creases. The stuff goes on real thin and smooth. I doubled up on the rougher spots. It goes on real well and coats really good. I'll post some more about it later, but am real pleased at this point. I just did from the tailgate to where it drops off into the passenger floorboard. I still have about 1/3 of a can, so I will probably need another pint to finish up. It takes two coats and the quart covers two coats of 50 sq ft.
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Ya, I'd love to see pics, if you have(or take) any.

Are you planning in putting anything over it, like bedliner, or anything like that?
I use the stuff myself- The rims on my avatar are finished with them and not one speck of rust. It's been about 3 months since I sprayed them. Also did my TTB arms. The stuff sprays nice and cleans up good too. I also used two coats as per directions. Actually painted the used Tailgate I plan on putting on soon. When I did my core support and body mount/lift I coated frame and mount brackets and of course the support then painted it black- looks good to me. Two coats also

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This should answer most's the site!

So like most people I have a ton of is the website. I was going to cut and paste, but there is ALOT of information and would take up too much space.

Lets see some more pics!

Rust Bullet Website
I ordered some last week and will have it this week. I'll post some picks and info with mine also.
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I would have bought that for my trailer but I wanted black so I got the POR-15 instead
Step 1- Buy the product (took two days to arrive)

Step 2- Remove any flakey stuff with a wire wheel

Step 3- Stir and apply ( I used a three inch roller with 1/4 inch synthetic fiber)

Step 4- After your second coat, bake in the sun...(not sure if you can see the sign in the background, but it is showing 100 degrees)

I then painted over it (for now) with some Krylon Semi Flat Black...
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Cost for a gallon of this stuff? Nevermind...$104 for a gallon. Check out the website for pricing also.
Xris said:
Cost for a gallon of this stuff? Nevermind...$104 for a gallon. Check out the website for pricing also.

Thats why I went with a quart, just to try it out. I have enough to do two coats to at least the backs of the front seats. I figure another quart and I can finish up and have enough to do another coat. Again 1 quart covers two coats at 50 sq ft. So far I am very pleased. It says it takes 72 hours to fully dry. I scratched my Krylon after 24 hours, but didn't scratch the Rust Bullet.
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