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Rusty floorboard fix

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Here's the before pic. I ran the floor over with a wire wheel and wiped and vac'd the dust out.

Here's the floor lined with rust bullet. This stuff really spreads out nice. One small can is enough to do both floorboards twice. primary and second coat per instructions.

Here's the floor with the roll in bedliner I bought. I did two coats here as well.

Check out the snazy floor mats my wife bought me for christmas! :thumbup
This was real plain and simple. Getting years of dirt and crap was the hardest part. Rust bullets instructions say it doesn't even require any prep but I did some anyway.

Check out the snazy seat covers. There the old ones out of my father in laws Expedition. They fit if I keep the arm rests up. It's kinda like having wider seats. :toothless

This is the cleanest my truck has been in many many moons. :duh
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thats kind of scarey man i was just looking at the rust bullet ad. Thinking about doing the floorpans in my truck come springtime..looks good norm
whats the rest of the mat say?
SrATEX said:
whats the rest of the mat say?

it says no road no problem.
sorry norm, IM gonna move this. Not really a "tech" writeup.
damn now i wanna do my floors in the rear. already did the inside fender wells with Duraliner Spray because i couldn't mold carpet too them.
It is an install though. I just put it there because some peeps said they wanted to see how it turned out.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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