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heres the cost of mine...
steering system extremecustomparts.com-$296 including shipping (make sure to cut down drag link to around 25-26")
new bearings, rotors, calipers and pads auto zone-$225
upper coil buckets from rustyshackelford $75
new lower coil retainers james duff-$75 + s&h (ended up not using due to spring not fitting in them. will probably swap in later though)
axle and everything i got with it junkyard-$50
extending the arms wilson off road-$300
Ball joints auto zone-$100
spanner wrench napa-$21
evapo rust oreilly's-$60
spindle bolts/nut JBG-$23
jb weld/nut lowes (didnt work)-$13
deaver 6" lift coils from JBG-$160+ 7* c bushing and trac bar bushings-$50 and s&h $30
trac bar mount from suspension connection-$112 including s&h
stock pitman arm ebay-$32 shipped
f-250 shock mounts wilson off road-free
radius arm shock mounts wilson off road-free
trac bar cut and rewelded friend of mine-free
lower shock mounts-$7.50, welding-free
bullet proof track bar JBG-$200 shipped
4" lift blocks from bronconcho-$50 shipped
total spent: $1679.5

thats not including the 8 lug stuff. keep in mind i also didnt regear this or change differentials. both of which would've added to the cost tremendously.

8 lug conversion
spindles, hubs, rotors, caliper bracket (bolts to spindle) from bronconcho-$215 shipped
pads, dual piston calipers, caliper bracket (bolts to caliper), hardware kit from oreillys-$400
rear axle from wilson off road-$250
brake shoes, new hardware, emergency brake cables and wheel seals from auto zone-$200
15x10 rock crawler steel wheels 8x6.5 bolt pattern and 2.75" backspacing from wilson off road-$450 for a set of 5
36 new lugs from wilson off road-$30 includes valve stems
mount and balance tires-$250 for all 5
total for 8 lug conversion alone-$1795
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