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Seat cover size question 1989 fullsize bronco

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Hi everyone i am new to this site and wonder if anyone can answer this question for me

I am looking to buy waterproof seat covers for my 1989 eddy bauer ford bronco

i am looking at this site

i don't see any options for my truck under the submodel selection

I only see the following

Ford Bronco II eddy Bauer
Witnessed Bronco (what the heck is that?)
and xlt

i am assuming the xlt uses the same seat covers as the eddy bauer but would hate to have these shipped and find out they were not the right size

does anyone have any other companys to suggest for seat covers?


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bronco II seats are smaller. the eddie bauers are highback captains chairs...

get these instead. they should fit and are cheaper
You'll be hard pressed to find something that is completely waterproof, but water resistant is pretty easy to come by.

Here are mine from Coverking.

Mine are for Mustang buckets, but they do sell them for FSBs. $200 will do both buckets(with the arm rest), and another $200 will do the rear bench.

They have the neoprene ones(similar to Wet Okole), but I opted for the faux leather. I like the way it looks, and they're easy to clean.

If you have a checker, schucks, or kragen in your town, you can check out the instore display, for the different fabrics, and colors. Mine took about 2 weeks after I ordered them.
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