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I know many of you guys would like more info on our SETTC. We have moved it to a FAR superior park, Morris Mountain ORV. Yes we had to move it out of state to find a park that was capable of hosting this event as well as take it to the next level, we did. This park has so much to offer that we have expanded the event to 2.5 days. This means we will be running 2 courses on Friday, 4 courses on Saturday, and 2 courses on Sunday for a total of 8 courses. The 2 courses on Sunday will be set so we can hopefully be done early enough so the teams can get a start home. We will begin accepting new entries to fill the slots available as we are also increasing the number of teams to 20 with 2 alternates. Most of the teams that have paid their entry fees for the previously scheduled event have elected to run the new event. We have openings for 10 new teams. These new teams can enter between the dates of May the 17th through June the 5th. Voting will start on June 14th at 6 am and will stop on June 18th at 8pm sharp. If you have entered, and are voted in, you will have from June 18th to July the 2nd to send in the entry fee of $100 and the shirt sizes for both the driver and the co-driver. All safety rules will be enforced and your vehicle will be inspected upon arrival, Thursday evening or Friday morning. The Friday drivers meeting will be at 2pm at the pavilion. The first course begins immediately after the meeting.

The trails to be run include all, or parts of:

Loop Springs
Still Hill
Los Primos

Note: some of these trails will be combined to make a course.

The unique built courses are:

Pull Test
Truck X

All courses will have a time limit.

The Title Sponsor for the 2010 SETTC is:
Take some time to take a look at their site as they are serious about taking care of the event and all of us as customers.
Hedgehog Motorsports

The other sponsors we have at this time are:
B&M Transmission
MSD Ignitions
Bubba Rope
4 Wheel Parts
Pitbull Tires
Bulldog Winches
Ruff Stuff
Randy’s Ring and Pinion
Stage 8
Tom Woods Driveshaft

There will also be a winner purse, the amount should be around $1,000.00 maybe more. This amount is not guaranteed yet. When it is guaranteed, I will post the exact amount.

All entries must be entered at in the SETTC section, simply post up a picture of the vehicle you wish to use, some specs, and stay active on the forums as it will help get you votes. The voting will be open to the public however there will be added security to try to keep the voting as fair as possible. If you have any questions, just ask.

One more thing, if you enter, make sure your rig is tough, strong, and agile. A good quality winch is now mandatory, along with the other rules of the event. These rules can be found at
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