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Shackle flip?

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could someone please explain in simple terms what a shckle flip is and what it acomplishes? is it hard to do? how long of a process? ive been reading about the group purchase and id like to know whats going on.
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You've been here awhile, and I should flip you sh*t for this, but use the Search... it's been covered several times. I know Jroc is trying to do a good thing here, ,but the truth is, there's no need to spend 90-110 bucks for a pair of brackets that you can get at a junkyard for 20 bucks, to do the same thing. Keith's been nice enough to point out a weak spot tho, and this would be the case no matter how you flipped your shackle - the shackle itself has a likelihood of folding over.
Yeah, but that's why Keith is selling these new specially reinforced shackles to hopefully prevent fold over..At least in theory, I don't know because I have not had the time to put them on yet, but they look tough as hell.

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That was before I painted them..They look better now, ahh but who cares, they sit under the Bronco anyway and will covered with dirt most of the time.
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