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I've searched, and really couldn't find the info I'm looking for...
I need a radiator support, stone deflector, and driver side quartepanel patch for my 91.
Called around, and LMC and Jeff's are the cheapest shipped to my door, and about the same price.
Are there any drastic differences in quality between the suppliers? Is it worth it to pay more from NPD or someone else?
Are there and places to avoid?
I don't want cheap stuff that's not going to fit well, or is going to rust immediately...

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@ one time, I was able to buy a CAPA certified 1/4 panel for my 96;
"...The Certified Automotive Parts Association (CAPA) is a non-profit organization established in 1987 to develop and oversee a test program guaranteeing the suitability and quality of automotive parts. CAPA encourages competition in the marketplace in the hope that their program will ultimately reduce expense to the consumer and the industry while increasing and assuring part quality..."
Some of the CAPA cert. manufacturers are foreign based now, but still do well enuf to be certified.
None prod. the 1/4 panel now tho that is certified.

Stone Def.
is cert; here is the List for all body parts by CAPA for your 91;
if page doesn't Load, search @ CAPA site

AP (mfgr) Deflector Stone, Upper Ford Bronco 1987-1991 FD9200110-000C
Ford pn E7TZ17779A FO1092107

1/4 panel:
Certifit - Bronco/Ford truck 19 ga body parts incl. hoods & air dam; &
Stone deflector & radiator supports w/Ford pn's

I'm sure others will chime in tonight w/their experiences on Qual and gauge


btw, search for sixlitre's 1/4 panel install using the new adhesive.

Autostyles - 19 gauge 80-96 body parts
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