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shift kit...

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is it worth putting a shift kit in my bronco? I been thinking about this for awhile, it will be off-road 60% of the time highway probably 10% and regular stop&go 30% (guessing). If I do decide to do this where do i find a kit?
Im gonna do a search to see how to put one in and if i can find any other info.

Eddy :toothless
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i have one and love it. i can chirp second if keep on it until the 5k shift.if im not on it she is just a little firmer. off road i dont hit 2nd alot and if i do i dont notice.
so where should i look for one, any catalogs?

jegs summit b&m
only thing i dont like is sometimes in the winter she shifts hard and the back swings out when it shifts. but i get used to it.
i gots 35"gumbo's so i should be ok
the only thing i have heard with shift kits is they seem to wear the clutch packs a little sooner...nothin extremely fast but just a little if you have a high mileage one you might notice slipping sonner....
well i was thinking rebuild the whole tranny while i put in a shift kit, sound ok?
Definantly rebuild first. Most tranny experts will tell you not to put a shift kit in a tranny that has many miles on it. Once it's rebuilt though, there are no problems. I say go for it. :thumbup
yea, i loved it in my t/a, bark the tires at 60 when i slammed the pedal and downshifted into second.....prolly not good fer the driveline but ohwell.... (prolly wasn't good for the driveline when i had reversed maxed out and then just slid it into drive and was rolling backwards with tthe tires goin fowards :) ....the th400 tranny and 12 bolt rear held up though)
oh and shift kits actually improve the tranny life from what i have read. because now it slides into gears smooth which heats the clutchs and the fluid up alot and burns it quicker. the shift kit goes faster so less friction is taking place so less heat build up.

my dads T/A has a shift kit and i love it. barking 2nd and 3rd kicking the back sideways between shifts. its great.
i dont know how it is with one in but i think allcruisen has them.
I install one in any automatic vehicle I own, I love the one in my Bronco.

From what I've read and heard, shift kits increase tranny life, there is less slipping, therefore less heat and longer clutch life.
hey guys start talkin brands and models and shit, this sounds like a good mod to do while the tranny is out getting worked on anyway.
go with a B&M. there a good brand.
thats the one I have on my S10 and it didnt do much for me. is that the standard then?
well the is alot of brands mine is a B&M and i love it. there is tras go and others.
are you talking about the one with the three stage rocker switch?
no. im talking about dropping the trans pan. and installing one inside the tranny. they come with parts you install inside the valve body.
yea, stick with B&M, they worked great for me when i had to return a defective valve body and even gave me a is a pretty easy thing to do to, just yank off the pan, then filter, then valve body, install the new one, new filter, and bolt back up and enjoy fun tire frying...:)
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